Pina Colada Pineapple Pipe

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Pina Colada Pineapple Pipe🍍🍍

Item description:

• Hand made

• Borosilicate glass

• Tobacco pipe

• Pineapple pina colada themed design

• Pipe measures 6 inches tall

• Unique structure

The pina colada glass pipe brings you a refreshing feeling with a fancy and colorful design.

The pipe is amazingly crafted with excellent artistry.

Pina colada pineapple pipe gives you a whole new beach-like experience; and it is perfect for home use or party.

The pina colada pipe measures up to 6 inches tall, the vibrant yellow body is designed like a ‘pina colada in a pineapple’.

The cocktail umbrella is beautifully molded from glass, making the pipe look alluring and fresh. The pipe chamber meets the

palm perfectly, enabling you to have a comfortable time when smoking.

The pipe is designed by professional crafters with a white-colored glass, and swirling green line up to the mouthpiece.

The product is such a beauty – worthy of attracting people wherever you take out for a smoke. The size of the pina colada tobacco pipe isn’t too big, making it a very portable object. The handmade product makes you feel less ordinary with unique, gorgeous looks, unlike other mainstream pipes you see, or pipes that produced by big scale manufacturers.

It is made out of fine borosilicate glass, and the thickness of the glass ensures the durability.

You can take your piece of handmade art wherever you go – without worrying too much about damage and breakage.

It can be used as a smoke pipe collectible; this fancy little pipe is perfect for the collection.

Note: The pipe is made primarily for smoking tobacco only. It is advised that the buyer must be 18 years

of age; the buyer is fully responsible and abides by the laws and policies of their area.

The design and the color of the smoking pipe may slightly vary depending on the item.


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