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Dropout Smoke Club is a curated bundle of goods sent directly to you every month. Subscribe now and be notified when this month’s theme is revealed.

Filled with Smoking Essentials

Dropout Smoke Club’s Bundles are always filled with smoking related goodies that will be a great addition to your current stash.

Pick The box that is best for you! Where you are the bare minimum paper-only smoker, or the seasoned dab rig veteran, we have a box for you!

Discreet Shipping & A+ Customer Service

We believe in privacy, and we promise we will pack out bundles in a way no one will be able to invade yours. We will package every bundle in a unmarked box that is securely packaged in order to prevent breakage.

We understand that stuff happens. If any of your glass breaks, during shipping or not, snap a picture and contact us and we will come up with a good solution!

Handpicked by our Staff

Dropout Smoke Club takes pride in creating and curating the best bundles we can, and we will go to extra lengths to pick what we feel you most want to see.

We will also get custom and exclusive products added to our monthly boxes for you to enjoy.

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